Hey Adithya! The intersection between art and science is really an unexplored field. Maybe because most scientists view science as something objective (and pristine) and art as something subjective (sort of a "don't go zone"). But works like this are the ones that bring some light into our own existence. Great article!

How a trip to a small town in Texas can be a good example of how the human being behavior could cause a nuclear accident? What if you have experience this same behaviour many times throughout your life and you haven’t even noticed it?

Consensus isn’t always a good thing.

A hot summer afternoon in Texas…

Why learning about relational databases changed the way I approach Excel

Let’s face it. Everybody tried at least once creating a “database” in Excel. Register your daily activities, create a KPI, graphs or anything else that your company didn’t want to invest time or resources to allocate somebody from IT…

Pedro Prado

Data Scientist at TIVIT

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